Welcome to my Circum Reality TTS page. I am creating my own text to speech voice with a program called circum reality. To test this voice, follow these steps. 1. Download the 32 bit archive, (mnlp x86.7z), and the voice file (jake.tts). 2. Extract it to anywhere on your hard drive. 3. Run command prompt as admin. 4. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the archive. For example, If you extracted it to your documents folder, you would type "cd c:\users\username\documents" without the quotes. 5. Type "cd mnlp" without the quotes. 6. Type "regsvr32 circumsapi.dll" without the quotes. 7. Run mnlp.exe as admin. 8. Tab twice and press space. 9. Navigate to the downloaded tts file and press enter on it. The program will let you know that the voice is registered.