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SpeechPlayer in eSpeak is basicly eSpeak with the SpeechPlayer Engine as the Klatt Implementation. This version has been modified so eSpeak variant creaters can take advantage of all of SpeechPlayers synthesis parameters. This version also includes sapi support, and a command line program. The command line program has been modified so the user can adjust the inflection with the -r switch

information about SpeechPlayer

I am also working on improving the SpeechPlayer engine itself so it has more settings that can be adjusted. SpeechPlayer is also available as an nvda addon package, and it uses python scripts for most of the controlling. My version of the addon also upps the sample rate from 16000 hz to 22050 hz.


Compiling from source

To compile SpeechPlayer in espeak and SpeechPlayer from source, you will neede visual studio 2008 pro, which you can find if you do a google search for it. You will also neede innosetup to compile the setup program and 7zip to create the nvda addon packages.

To compile espeakedit, you will neede the WX Widgets include files and libraries. For some reason I can't get espeakedit to compile with visual studio 2008 or with the SpeechPlayer engine, so the old Klatt engine is used, and you will neede visual studio 6 to compile espeakedit.

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